The Atlamillia duo


i’ll be holding a dark cloud 1/2 -themed live on Livestream 5 hours from now (midnight french hour). I really want to meet/talk with DC fans, so don’t be shy! I’ll probably be drawing doodles. 

i usually want to avoid the DC3 subject(except when it’s to picture how it’d be like, i’m usually pretty active in this sort of conversations) but i won’t be running away if you guys talk about it either haha

(now 3:30 hours from now but yeah)

"Hey, but you get all the cool outfits, Monica…"

[did i just put a fma reference in a dark chronicle askblog]

By the way, I’m actually 13! (´・ω・)

Monica, you could at least tell something that’s happened to you!

-But nothing bad’s ever happened to me.

-How about that time when…


-You’ll have to return me the favor then.


No seriousely she could kill me in 3 seconds if she wanted to.

(height data from the official guidebook)


You two don't really seem to update this blog often, do you not get enough questions?

(sorry replying as myself because I don’t really know how I could have Max and Monica answer this hahaha)

Truth is I went into some kind of hiatus because I didn’t have any good idea how to answer questions, especially when I was busy with exams and personal projects orz and also I wasn’t really satisfied with the answers I’d give; There’s actually a shitload of questions waiting so I’m doing my best to catch up as quick as possible!! 

Pretty convenient huh.